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Anonymous said: Hi! I love your blog :D Do you think you could include the recipe titles in your recipe archive so that I can more easily find things? Thanks!!

Sure Anon! Took me awhile but Recipe Archive updated. 

Honestly I don’t know why I didn’t add the titles in the first place! This makes a lot more sense. 

Recipe #54 - Deviled Eggs

I consider deviled eggs a family recipe. At almost every family reunion my grandma brings her homemade deviled eggs. I’m pretty sure she’s perfected her method of making them and could do it with her eyes closed.

Me on the other hand, not so much. The end results were fine but I struggled working with these eggs. I’m sure there are people who eat boiled eggs everyday who’ll laugh at me but I’ve never been very skilled at peeling egg shells. Luckily, you can’t tell too much in the photos but my eggs came out very lumpy and dented.

Another thing that presented itself as a challenge was scooping out the yolks. With some egg halves the yolk slipped clean out of the boiled shell but with others I had to scrape at the inner edges and couldn’t manage to get the whole yolk out.

However, this is another one of those recipes that’s very forgiving. Despite my clumsiness with prepping the eggs they still looked, and more importantly, tasted great when I was done. I’ll just have to get my grandma tutor me in peeling egg shells the next time I see her.

I made these with and without capers and they tasted amazing both ways. Feel free to experiment with different garnishes!


Here is my source 

-6 large eggs

-2 Tbsp mayonnaise

-1 1/2 Tbsp sweet pickle relish

-1 tsp mustard

-1/8 tsp salt

-Dash of pepper

-Paprika garnish

This is a quick recipe anyone can make. If you’d like to try it for yourself, check out my source page. See you next time when I revisit ASH. 

Recipe Number 54 - Deviled Eggs 

"Deviled Eggs" is a recipe based on a food Bess, George and Nancy eat picnic-style in the beginning of The Clue in the Diary. The book describes their picnic as being in “a peaceful spot halfway between their home town of River Heights and Sandy Creek” and “beneath a spreading roadside maple tree.” Great nature imagery for the season :)

This recipe is quick and simple and best used for hors d’oeuvres (although I had them for lunch). The key to this recipe is the sweet relish which gives the eggs’ filling a bold, tangy flavor. Probably not a food for everyone, but it’s a snack I’ve always enjoyed at family parties. 

crystallinedemons said: Do you prefer for people to submit directly to you? or are you fine with making a post on our own blogs and tagging you in it so that you can reblog it?

This is fine too! I’ve already been doing that anyway with people who haven’t even tagged me haha. But if you tag your recipes with my URL they’ll get reblogged for sure :)

Anonymous said: I tried sending you the link again. Did it work? :)

:( Sorry but no, I didn’t get it. I don’t want to make you come off Anon but if you don’t mind, then could just post the link on your blog and tag me? I check the “cluecrewcookin” tag. 

theblueroadster said: What do you think are kitchen (cooking/baking) must haves? I have sugar, flour, and brown sugar, but I'm at a loss for making a list of things I should get.

Well I guess I’d say my must haves are:

1. Flour

2. All kinds of sugar (Regular, brown, and confectioners)

3. Baking Soda/Baking Powder

4. Some good, pourable salt

5. Milk & Eggs

6. Butter

7. Vanilla Extract

8. Some kind of oil (olive, peanut or vegetable) 

9. Garlic & Onions

10. A good selection of herbs and spices (I frequently use cinnamon, nutmeg, cilantro, mint, bay leaves etc.)

11. If you’re into making bread recipes it’s good to have shortening and yeast handy. 

And that’s about it. These are based on what I use the most. Really it’s best to just keep on experimenting in the kitchen and soon you’ll realize what you’re using and buying the most of and learn to stock up :) 

Anonymous said: Anon spammer here again :) I'd like to apologize for spamming you with questions, but I have another one! Did you get my ask with the link to the PDF-thingy from HerInteractive about how to cook everything? I don't see that you've answered it, and it kept saying that it couldn't send because there was a link, so I tried putting spaces, but I'm not sure if it came through.

No Anon I didn’t get anything of the sort :( have you tried doing that thing where you put parentheses in the link? Like facebook(.)com or something?

And btw no need for apologies :D like most tumblr-folk I LOVE getting asks! 

Anonymous said: Congratulations to theblueroadster! :) And for the owner: have you used those books for recipes? If not, do you have another copy of them so that you could use them? :) xx

I have not pulled any recipes from any of those books yet, no. But I plan to in the future :) I get most of my Nancy Drew books from the library and only buy them when I can find them thrift-store cheap. 

I don’t really plan on collecting all the books because I really just don’t have any room for another collection :P

The Giveaway prize has been shipped to our winner theblueroadster!! Congratulations :) Here is proof that I had the books. I took this right before I boxed these up and shipped them off. Enjoy! 

The Giveaway prize has been shipped to our winner theblueroadster!! Congratulations :) Here is proof that I had the books. I took this right before I boxed these up and shipped them off. Enjoy!